Welcome To Hardwoods Group

Hardwoods Group is an industry leading supplier with a mission to enhance the natural beauty of their Hardwood. From the manufacture of our industry leading, Oak Framed buildings to the supply of solid timber in a variety of specifications, we are committed to bringing the essence of nature out of our timber. See us in action

Our OAK Process

Our passion is HARDWOOD.. And the pinnacle of our passion is our Oak Framed buildings, designed and manufactured in factory conditions to ensure accuracy, reliability, speed and ease of onsite installation.

Take the journey of our OAK and see our exciting process from the harvesting of the timber to the installation of the frame.

Be an ACORN.!


Customer Testimonial

'Most important thing to us is onsite installation cost and if we can reduce that, that increases our margin massively. These frames are precision engineered so we can reduce installation times by about 25%'

Customer Testimonial

'The presentation of the product arriving on site was impressive, and the assembly procedure is fascinating to watch, seems so quick and easy, like painting by numbers!. '

Customer Testimonial

"Our joiners who fitted the frame for us, were incredibly impressed with how quickly the frame went up"