10 Reasons Why Oak Frame Garages Are Better Than Brick

Oak-framed garages are rapidly surpassing brick-built counterparts in popularity across the UK, and for good reason. Let’s explore ten key factors driving this trend:


Environmental Sustainability

Unlike brick construction, which involves high energy and chemical usage, oak frames offer a carbon-neutral option. Oak trees absorb significant amounts of CO2 throughout their lifespan, making oak-framed garages a statement of environmental responsibility.



Oak frames allow for complete customization, offering more design flexibility compared to brick. This opens up avenues for creativity and tailored solutions to suit individual needs.


Superior Insulation

Oak boasts excellent insulation properties, outperforming brick in regulating interior temperatures. This translates to lower energy costs and increased comfort, particularly in extreme weather conditions.


Efficient Installation

Oak-framed garages can be erected swiftly, often in a matter of days, minimizing disruption for homeowners. In contrast, brick construction typically entails lengthy timelines, subject to weather delays. Our kit form garages come with pre-formed joints, making


Aesthetic Appeal

The natural beauty of oak lends an unparalleled charm to structures, accentuated by its silvery patina and timeless texture. This visual allure sets oak-framed garages apart from their brick counterparts.


Market Appeal

Homebuyers increasingly value the low maintenance and longevity associated with oak frames, making such properties more attractive on the real estate market.


Reduced Preparatory Work

Oak frames are significantly lighter than brick, requiring less groundwork such as excavation and concrete reinforcement. This streamlines the construction process and reduces associated costs.


Modern Construction Methods

Oak framing leverages advanced technologies, from computer-aided design to precision manufacturing, resulting in efficient assembly on-site. In contrast, brick construction relies on traditional methods that are more labour-intensive.


Environmental Friendliness

Oak frames minimize chemical usage compared to brick, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns and sustainable practices.


Durability and Structural Integrity

Oak’s inherent strength and flexibility make it well-suited for enduring various soil conditions and weathering. Engineered joint designs ensure longevity, with oak-framed garages gaining strength over time.


In summary, oak-framed garages offer a compelling blend of sustainability, customization, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, making them an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in the UK and beyond.