3 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

An outdoor kitchen can be a delightful addition to your home, providing a unique space to cook and entertain. Also, they’re a great way to show off those cooking skills.

But not all gardens are made the same, and completely bespoke designs can’t be found in mass-produced garden room centres.

That’s why we put together this guide outlining 3 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas to inspire your version of the Great British BBQ!

This guide highlights floor plans and kitchen structure ideas, if you’re looking for more garden room inspiration you can find it here!

Outdoor Kitchen Garden Room

The ultimate Outdoor Kitchen inspiration and always at the top of everyone’s wish-list.

It’s the enclosed Outdoor Kitchen outbuilding, complete with a fully outfitted kitchen. From restaurant grade ranges, grills, refrigerators, sinks, and more, this is every chef’s dream.

This structure is often entirely bespoke and includes a dedicated dining space. Because it’s set in the garden, buyers also include ways to feel included in nature by fitting glass facades or wide French doors to leave open throughout the summer.

These rooms can be standalone garden room structures, or be added onto the main house as an extension.

Whichever you choose, just know that you’ll be taking up a considerable space in the garden. But it’ll be space worth spent!

Framing it in Oak is an excellent way of ensuring your Outdoor Kitchen will last for generations to come, and even add a lot more value to your property. Any complaints there?

The Coveted BBQ Area

From our experience, designated BBQ Areas are half-sheltered and fully functional.

Take the above for example. That BBQ Area was designed specifically for 365-day usage allowing the warm weather and breeze to flow in all summer.

It has just enough coverage to use it rain or shine and has overhead shelter over the dining area.

We loved that our client was able to build the kitchen of his dreams using, expanding, and twisting the idea of a modern gazebo. It was a great challenge for the Design Team!

Garden Zoning Your BBQ Area

Admittedly, full-on garden rooms as outdoor kitchens take up a lot of space. And this is something not all UK gardens have.

Therefore, zoning your garden strategically to fit a small kitchen and dining space is the perfect solution for people with small gardens but big plans.

How to Zone Your Garden for an Outdoor Kitchen:
  • Swap out the fully fleshed out buildings and add a classic pergola or pavilion. Talk to our Design Team about the exact dimensions you’d need in order to cover that state-of-the-art BBQ.
  • Keep the frame completely open, let that British summer breeze through! This will make your new cooking area feel bigger and less shed-like.
  • Add garden screening or other materials between the slats of a pergola to have optional or limited shade from the sun.
  • Design the dining space side by side to complete the outfit of your Outdoor Kitchen.

Remember, just because it’s not an enclosed room does not mean you can’t have an impressive kitchen set-up.

Weatherproof materials can be chosen when outfitting your kitchen. Oak has fantastic weatherproofing properties suitable for outdoor cabinetry. Also, it would certainly match the Oak-Framed Gazebo or Pergola hosting your kitchen.

For more detailed inspiration for completely open-planned outdoor kitchens, One Kindesign has an incredible list right here.

Oak Framed Outdoor Kitchen

Oak is a first-class material for framing your next outdoor kitchen or BBQ area.

  • Lasts for generations
  • Premium building material
  • Luxurious colour and ageing properties
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Adds value to any property

No two frames are the same, that’s why our In-House Design team is always available to discuss your project! Book a free consultation below, or reach out to our sales team at sales@hardwoodsgroup.com

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