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Hardwoods Group specialise in providing Precision Perfect Oak Frames for Builders, Contractors, Architects and more.


  • Kalvin Devenish

    Kalvin Devenish

  • Adele Francis

    Adele Francis

    Sales & Customer Service Support
  • Ronan Devenish

    Ronan Devenish

    Project Consultant & BDM
  • Bernadette Wheeler

    Bernadette Wheeler

    Business Development Manager
  • Josh Young

    Josh Young

    CAD Frame Designer
  • Carwyn Devenish

    Carwyn Devenish

    Production Manager
  • Aiden Lander

    Aiden Lander

    Stair Design & Production
  • Laurence Haughton

    Laurence Haughton

  • Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor

  • Keith Gaskell

    Keith Gaskell

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