Oak Decking for Rustic Wedding Venue

The Sandhole Oak Barn is a fairytale rural wedding venue in the heart of Cheshire. Made up of stunning oak framed buildings and beautiful courtyards overlooking a lake, it is the perfect place for a rustic wedding.

Client Requirements

The wedding venue were looking to create a beautiful deck area overlooking the lake and the 400 acres of rolling countryside which would be the perfect place for intimate wedding moments and stunning photographs 📸

Our Solution

Solid oak decking boards were the perfect way to create a stunning outdoor space that tied in perfectly with the oak framed barn wedding venue. The combination of beautiful golden oak decking and the serene lake creates an area that is perfect for any wedding.


The results speak for themselves with this project, however the client was extremely happy with the finished product, stating that the service from Hardwoods Group as well as the beautiful product supplied was of the highest quality! It was great to work with Cumberbirch Construction, who did a stunning job of the installation!


We care about the timber frame design and build process that comes from our European oak.

The oak starts its journey when the acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. We start from the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the oak tree, to its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacturing to produce the desired effect.


The most important stage. Speak to our team about your dream project and we’ll walk through the inspiration with you!

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Design Process

Our In-House Design Team works alongside you or your architect to guarantee a perfect project from day one.

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Operating the largest 6-axis CNC machine for timber in the UK, we can manufacture any frame thrown our way. Alongside our 5-axis HOMAG and experienced craftsmen, we’re proud to solely manufacture Bespoke projects.

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After Design and Manufacture, we quality check your Precision Perfect Frame, Truss, or Mouldings. Then it’s delivered in our famous Kit Form for easy installation.

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