Oak Pavilion for Meeting Area

An Oak Pavilion to invite holiday park users to connect with the beautiful Welsh countryside.


Client Requirements

Following the relaxation of regulations concerned with the coronavirus pandemic, the management team at a 5-star holiday park in the heart of the Welsh countryside were eager to reopen. The park has plenty to offer those that stay there, but the park’s team wanted to take the appeal one step further. The client’s vision was a central meeting area where park home owners, guests and site users could gather to enjoy drinks, share good conversation and take a deep breath of clean air while overlooking the lovely Welsh hills.

Given the quality status and atmosphere of the holiday park, any new feature had to complement the existing surroundings and layout.

Our Solution

Our team took time to understand the vision that the client had in their head and applied our creativity to create the perfect solution. We used fresh-sawn QP1 oak for the mainframe structure. This standard of oak beams is not only strong and sturdy but has a pleasing finish to the eye with very few knots per linear metre. The frame is 10m long by 3.6m wide and was roofed with air-dried joinery grade boarding and genuine Welsh slate from local slate caverns. Copper gutters outlined the roofline perfectly and supplied fluid cohesion at all levels.

The frame exceeded all of the customer’s requests and expectations. We were able to design a frame that fit perfectly into the allocated space and provided a gathering area, adjacent to the alluring spa of the holiday park. The construction and design of the building (especially the roof) has given a feeling of tremendous character and charm. The frame is manufactured to be very suited to the environment and will be able to withstand climatic factors and time. With the Welsh slate, the satisfied customer has a structure that will last for years and offer comfort, security and a place to meet for holidaymakers for years to come.


We care about the timber frame design and build process that comes from our European oak.

The oak starts its journey when the acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. We start from the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the oak tree, to its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacturing to produce the desired effect.


The most important stage. Speak to our team about your dream project and we’ll walk through the inspiration with you!

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Design Process

Our In-House Design Team works alongside you or your architect to guarantee a perfect project from day one.

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Operating the largest 6-axis CNC machine for timber in the UK, we can manufacture any frame thrown our way. Alongside our 5-axis HOMAG and experienced craftsmen, we’re proud to solely manufacture Bespoke projects.

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After Design and Manufacture, we quality check your Precision Perfect Frame, Truss, or Mouldings. Then it’s delivered in our famous Kit Form for easy installation.

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