Oak Outdoor Kitchen Area

Hardwoods Group worked with a client in Chester to manufacture a hard-wearing and attractive oak outdoor kitchen area for all-year use.

Client Requirements

Oak Outdoor Kitchens have become a popular residential addition over the past few years. The charm really comes from being able to host all year round in a comfortable, sheltered space while staying in the centre of the action. Plus, outdoor kitchen areas can be customised to the style and requirements of individual properties to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Our client on this project wanted an outdoor kitchen and living area that maximised sunlight hours and offered an all-season, 365-day-a-year barbecuing facility. It also needed to feel relaxing and comfortable with a seating area. Additionally, it needed to be constructed from one oak frame structure.

The project, which was designed entirely by the client, was inspired by a traditional gazebo look but featured a magnificent twist in its open-faced kitchen area.

Our Solution

Hardwoods Group encapsulated the customer’s design flair and produced a structure worthy of its setting on the outskirts of Chester. The client wanted to preserve the golden hue of fresh oak so they oiled the frame. They also went over and above and oiled the cladding inside and out — resulting in a truly stunning oak-framed project.

As seen in this project, the versatility and appeal of oak know very few bounds, and oak buildings can be used in a wealth of outdoors applications, from private residential dining areas to wide-scale commercial oak gazebos.

The Hardwoods team take great pride in our craftsmanship and approach to our manufacturing. The challenge to create the perfect Oak building for our clients drives our work, and this outdoor BBQ area will help the client relax with family and friends all year long while sheltered from the elements.


We care about the timber frame design and build process that comes from our European oak.

The oak starts its journey when the acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. We start from the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the oak tree, to its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacturing to produce the desired effect.


After Design and Manufacture, we quality check your Precision Perfect Frame, Truss, or Mouldings. Then it’s delivered in our famous Kit Form for easy installation.

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Operating the largest 6-axis CNC machine for timber in the UK, we can manufacture any frame thrown our way. Alongside our 5-axis HOMAG and experienced craftsmen, we’re proud to solely manufacture Bespoke projects.

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Design Process

Our In-House Design Team works alongside you or your architect to guarantee a perfect project from day one.

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The most important stage. Speak to our team about your dream project and we’ll walk through the inspiration with you!

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