Solid Oak Frames for the New Chester Market

The vision: ‘modern traditional market’ that will benefit the people of Chester.

Client Requirements

The new stalls for Chester Market required solid Oak Frames for their vision.

The new Chester Market brand has been designed to be distinctive, memorable and exuberant. Proudly inspired by Chester’s heritage combined with a modern touch.

Hardwoods Group Solid Oak Frames provided the perfect structure to house the new market stalls.

Our Solution

The project required over 60tonne of Oak.  With tight deadlines, we went to work on manufacturing the designs immediately so we could deliver.

Working with our client, Medlock FRB, all the market stalls were constructed of Seasoned Oak Beams.  All of which were jointed and prepared using our CNC production facility.


The finished product was an impressive display of craftsmanship. We believe it entirely fulfils the desire for ‘heritage with a modern touch’

Now hosting lush green plant shops, and providing bar sitting areas for people to enjoy their meals, the new stalls for the Chester Market have set the tone for years to come.


We care about the timber frame design and build process that comes from our European oak.

The oak starts its journey when the acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. We start from the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the oak tree, to its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacturing to produce the desired effect.


The most important stage. Speak to our team about your dream project and we’ll walk through the inspiration with you!

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Design Process

Our In-House Design Team works alongside you or your architect to guarantee a perfect project from day one.

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Operating the largest 6-axis CNC machine for timber in the UK, we can manufacture any frame thrown our way. Alongside our 5-axis HOMAG and experienced craftsmen, we’re proud to solely manufacture Bespoke projects.

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After Design and Manufacture, we quality check your Precision Perfect Frame, Truss, or Mouldings. Then it’s delivered in our famous Kit Form for easy installation.

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