Stunning Oak Dual-Use Garden Room

Hardwoods Group helped a busy client build a spectacular Oak Garden Room for outdoor dining and relaxation.

Client Requirements

Timber Garden Rooms are becoming more popular than ever. More cost effective than extensions and even more spacious than a shed, it’s easy to see why.

Balancing the built form with the natural is a fantastic way to integrate the spoils of open spaces with the comforts of being inside.

A client with a tight timeline contacted Hardwoods Group to complete a domestic self-build.

The goal was to:

Elevate his garden and turn the area into a multi-functional and aesthetic place to dine, relax, and enjoy.

His vision included a spectacular dual-use garden room that incorporated a BBQ shelter fit for any weather. The building also needed a separate area for year-round alfresco dining.

To accommodate the busy schedule of the client, we had to ensure the frame was as simple to install as possible. Using our popular Timber Frame Kit Form, we were able to achieve this feat!

As a domestic self-build, it was also essential that the product we delivered was manageable for a small workforce. Ultimately, the overall installation took a few weeks but with only one day a week to work on the project this was a big success!

Our Solution

To create the 6 m long and 3 m wide frame supplied to the client, Fresh-Sawn QP1 Oak was used. For the walls, beautiful Featheredge Cladding was produced. A cedar shingle roof was the final touch to bring the gorgeous design to life.

From start to finish, the Hardwoods team worked closely with the client to provide a unique and eye-catching design. A cantilever BBQ shelter was provided facing the owner’s property whilst the dining and relaxing area were constructed with a neat reveal.

his design guarantees shelter in windy weather while also maximising warmth and comfort on summer evenings.

The final result is a charming and cosy garden structure made from durable European Oak that will last for generations.

Send us your dream Oak Framed Garden Room and our design team will be in touch!


We care about the timber frame design and build process that comes from our European oak.

The oak starts its journey when the acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. We start from the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the oak tree, to its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacturing to produce the desired effect.


The most important stage. Speak to our team about your dream project and we’ll walk through the inspiration with you!

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Design Process

Our In-House Design Team works alongside you or your architect to guarantee a perfect project from day one.

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Operating the largest 6-axis CNC machine for timber in the UK, we can manufacture any frame thrown our way. Alongside our 5-axis HOMAG and experienced craftsmen, we’re proud to solely manufacture Bespoke projects.

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After Design and Manufacture, we quality check your Precision Perfect Frame, Truss, or Mouldings. Then it’s delivered in our famous Kit Form for easy installation.

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