All-purpose garden gazebo

Hardwoods Group helped a client finalise a charming garden gazebo for their outdoor living area.

Client Requirements

An outdoor living area is a highly sought after property feature that can offer year-round entertainment, shelter and comfort. In the warmer months, outdoor living areas are the perfect hosting venue for events that can spread across the entire exterior space. Outdoor living areas offer the same potential in the cooler months but with the added security of shelter from the elements.
Our client wanted a BBQ gazebo area that was suitable for all-year-round use. The client’s vision was to use the gazebo for cooking, serving drinks and entertainment for guests on the facing Yorkstone patio.
The gazebo needed to fit onto the existing property and the garden walls had already been built alongside oak uprights by the client. At this stage, the client approached the Hardwoods Group team to strengthen and design the rest of the oak structure.

Our Solution

As the gazebo needed to fit onto an existing building, the gable pitch of the structure had to match the property. Our team also had to create a design that would enhance the appearance of the garden to make it a pleasant space to look at while also offering reliable, durable functionality.
We collected dimensions and assessed the existing layout of the garden and property walls and created a collection of 3D images to ensure the client was happy with the design. Once confirmed, the design plans were given to our expert in-house production team who used QP1 fresh-sawn oak to finalise the impressive gazebo.
Now the client has a strong oak structure fit for the most entertaining garden parties and events. The Hardwoods team were so happy to assist the client with the more complex parts of connecting the structure and producing a gazebo that will offer memories and functionality for years to come. Now the client and their friends and family can enjoy long summer alfresco evenings and cooler autumn parties in style.


files available to download: