Enchanting wedding venue

Hardwoods Group supplied a collection of stunning oak frames to a wedding venue in Cheshire to help make memories for a lifetime.

Client Requirements

An unforgettable day made up of beautiful moments. For so many, this is the key objective of any wedding day. The venue is one of the most important parts of any special day, and a good wedding venue should accommodate the needs of the couple and their guests but also elevate the day with a delightful location and pleasant atmosphere.
At a prestigious golf club in the charming county of Cheshire, our client wanted to create a function venue capable of inspiring memories that would last a lifetime. The basic requirements were that it had to be eye-catching, head-turning and full of character.
We were confident that we could deliver all of these elements as oak is a beautiful wood that confidently exhibits both traditional and contemporary design elements.
The contractor was a returning customer to Hardwoods and had a very specific vision in mind. The result had to be perfect as the final look and feel of the design would be featured in many important moments, photographs and memories. As the contractor knew our product and practices, they were not afraid to be very specific because they knew we could meet their demands.

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with the client to ensure their requests were met at every stage. We sourced extra-large section timbers and machined them to exact specifications. The timber is incredibly strong and stable, ideal for withstanding the elements and maintaining integrity and appearance for a long time.
The oak framing that our team produced was part of a large project that took a number of months to complete. We manufactured and supplied a large collection of frames, including a lakeside gazebo, some substantial reception gable frames and some huge solid oak ceiling trusses supported by very large oak upright beams.
The customer was grateful that Hardwoods Group response times and the renowned speed of on-site installation ensured that the project was delivered on time. All oak supplied is QPA1 grade quality.
The final result is a breathtaking and enchanting venue that’s full of life and boasts pleasing aesthetics wherever you look. The gazebo is a piece our team is very proud of and the placement is perfect for making the most special day of many’s lives so memorable.