Stunning oak dual-use garden area

Hardwoods Group helped a busy client build a spectacular oak outdoor dining and relaxation area.

Client Requirements

Outdoor spaces are more appreciated and appealing than ever. Balancing the built form with the natural is a fantastic way to integrate the spoils of open spaces and fresh air with the comforts of being inside.

A businessman with a tight schedule contacted our team looking to complete a domestic self-build that would elevate his garden and turn the area into a usable, aesthetic and functional place to dine, relax and enjoy.

His vision was a spectacular dual-use garden structure that incorporated a BBQ shelter that could be used in any weather. The building also needed a separate area for all-year-round alfresco dining.

To accommodate the busy schedule of the client, we had to ensure the frame was as simple to install as possible to reduce the labour hours required. As a domestic self-build, it was also essential that the product we delivered was manageable and suitable for a very small workforce. Ultimately, the overall installation took a few weeks but with only one day a week to work on the project this was a big success!

Our Solution

To create the 6 m long and 3 m wide frame supplied to the client, fresh-sawn QP1 oak was used. For the walls, beautiful featheredge cladding was produced. A cedar shingle roof was the final touch to bring the gorgeous design to life.

From start to finish, the Hardwoods team worked closely with the client to provide a unique and eye-catching design with the required conveniences and style woven in. A cantilever BBQ shelter was provided facing the owner’s property whilst the dining and relaxing area were constructed with a neat reveal.

This design guarantees shelter in windy weather but the spacious and clear design will maximise warmth and comfort on blissful summer evenings. The cantilever BBQ shelter required a lot of technical interest as the avoidance of obstructing support posts maximised the usability of the feature.

The final result is a charming and cosy garden structure made from durable and good-looking oak that will last for years to come with the same impressive qualities. The client can also now enjoy the splendours of their garden all year round in style.