Impressive oak-framed residential exterior

Hardwoods Group manufactured a beautiful and durable oak-framed facade that will deliver unrivalled impact and lasting impressions.

Client Requirements

Introducing natural light into residential and commercial environments is a fantastic way to elevate the appearance of interiors and boost personal welfare. After all, natural light is linked with higher levels of happiness, energy savings and improved property value.

When a client approached us with a home exterior vision centred on maximising natural light, the Hardwoods team knew we could create the perfect solution. Other than a light and airy entrance hall with a galleried landing, the client wanted a facade that embodied the mantra “first impressions count”.

At Hardwoods, we only manufacture and supply oak frames that leave a lasting impact. The distinctive look of our premium oak exudes quality, and we want every frame to have its own charm and character that exceeds all initial expectations.

To bring the client’s design vision to fruition, the Hardwoods team had to create an impactive oak-framed facade that would allow high levels of natural light to flood the entranceway and landing.

Our Solution

Our experienced design team worked with the client’s brief to produce an online concept model and 3D imagery of the proposed oak frame. Once the client was fully satisfied with the oak frame design we had created, we moved on to the manufacturing stage.

Using QP1-grade European oak, our team created two beautiful and durable gable frames. Joinery grade capping boards were added to accentuate the appearance of the impressive oak frames and keep windows secure during and after the glazing process.

The 6-axis computer-controlled CNC machine in our site workshop ensured every joint and edge was finished to the exact specifications. Our team then assembled the frame in-house to ensure everything was absolutely perfect and every joint fit snugly before it was delivered to the site with clear installation plans.

The gable frames were fitted with double-glazed windows once installed, and the property now enjoys the luxury of natural light and an unforgettable first impression.