Pryors Hayes Wedding Venue

Client Requirements

Pryors Hayes Wedding Venue came to Hardwoods Group to create a luxurious atmosphere with Bespoke Oak Trusses and Frame.


The Challenge:


To make a bold statement using Bespoke Oak Trusses and Frame as their focal points of the venue.


Overall, the aesthetic had to inspire strength, beauty, and durability for the weddings to come. Oak just happens to have all those qualities.


After guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with the design and manufacturing plans, we rolled up our sleeves and fired up the CNC’s.

Our Solution

The team at Hardwoods Group delivered a stunning glazed oak frame and cantilever porch with internal trusses spanning over 9m.


This design featured exposed Oak King Post Trusses that added to the dramatic ambiance of the venue.


The Trusses allowed for Pryors Hayes Wedding Venue to further decorate. Fairy lights, flowers, and more can be hung from the beams creating a beautiful scene for a wedding.


From the outside, the Glazed Oak Frame sets the example for the interior.


Pryors Hayes Wedding Venue

‘Incredible result delivered, really demonstrated the versatility of oak and its framing attributes.’