Four Reasons to Build with Oak

Constructing an oak frame house (or extension) presents an rare opportunity to live in a sustainable dwelling tailored to your exact requirements, surrounding by an abundance of character.


Crafted with Tradition


At Hardwoods Group, we use state of the art technology to design and manufacture our frames in-house. We ensure every piece is precision perfect and the whole design works perfectly for your needs. On-site, the kit form, utilizing traditional mortise and tenon joints secured with wooden pegs, means that installation is simple and reduces labour time and costs!


Showcasing Feature Roof Trusses


Roof trusses, the impressive timbers supporting the roof and distributing weight to the foundations, are designed to be showcased, adding character to any space, whether a cozy bedroom or expansive open-plan area. Featuring graceful curves for a bespoke touch, these trusses give ambiance, particularly when accentuated with uplighting. For a breathtaking first impression, consider a double-height vaulted ceiling in the hallway, complemented by a galleried landing. If you can dream it, we make do it.


Embracing Warmth and Comfort


An oak frame house offers versatile insulation options, surpassing Building Regulations standards. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) create a thermal envelope around the frame, leaving the interior oak exposed while ensuring airtightness and warmth. Alternatively, exterior wood cladding or insulated infill panels maintain the timber’s allure both inside and out. With the right specifications, achieving Passivhaus standards is entirely feasible.


Enduring Strength and Sustainability


Green oak, with its higher moisture content, facilitates easier construction and settling into place. As the oak dries, it tightens and strengthens, acquiring natural character through shrinkage and splitting. Untreated exterior timbers become silver over time, though sealing them preserves their honeyed hue. Using our capping system for glazing prevents movement during the drying process and protects the glazing from being damaged. Beyond aesthetics, oak’s sustainability is underscored by its CO2 absorption, oxygen release, and biodegradability. All our timber is sourced from FSC or PEFC-certified woodlands ensuring responsible forestry practices. Combined with eco-friendly insulation and renewable energy sources like ground-source heat pumps and solar panels, oak-framed houses offer a fossil fuel-independent living solution, potentially enduring for centuries when crafted by skilled experts.