How To Choose The Right Oak Framed Porch For Your Home

With a little forward planning, it’s easy to know how to choose the right oak framed porch for your home. The last two years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of oak porches, making them a current ‘on trend’ addition to homes. As oak is such a versatile building material, the choice of designs to choose from is virtually limitless. While porches were traditionally a functional part of a home, their aesthetic appeal is hard to deny. Few homes would not benefit from the visual impact of an attractive oak porch.

As with any addition to your home, it is worth planning exactly what you want and the logistics of achieving it. Research wooden porch ideas, decide if you will be erecting it yourself and if so, look into what this actually entails. The addition of a wooden front porch can be a significant investment in time and money. It is important to make sure the end result is exactly what you want before taking the plunge.

Points to Consider

1. Open or Enclosed?

Will your porch be purely decorative or have a practical purpose? You may just be thinking of a simple lean to oak porch for shelter as you find your keys or put up an umbrella as you leave. On the other hand, you may be planning a fully enclosed oak porch that functions as an extra room to your home. While an open porch offers less protection from the elements, you may prefer their simple, elegant look. A glazed oak porch can be a good compromise between the two. The glazed open sections allow the frame to shine as the focal element of the porch, while offering greater weather protection.

2. Design and Style

Do You have a modern or traditional style of porch in mind? The overall design of your home should be the deciding factor in the design of your porch. Adding a traditional, classic style of porch to a modern house will result in a mismatched, inconsistent look. Conversely, a modern oak porch design paired with a rustic, traditional house could make the home itself look outdated and old fashioned. You may wish to incorporate brick or stonework into the design to match the look of your house. Carved detailing can make even a simple design eye catching and decorative. Adding a decorative truss to an open porch canopy can create a dramatic focal point to the design. The style of your porch can be as simple or complex as you wish.

3. Planning Permission

Whether you require planning permission for wood porches is largely down to size. The area occupied by the porch, measured externally, should not exceed three square metres. No part of the porch should be more than three metres above ground level. Finally, no part of the porch should be closer than two metres to the property boundary or highway. Provided these rules are observed, planning permission should not be an issue. It is worth checking your oak porch plans against local planning legislation in case there are any exceptions that would affect you.

4. Size

There are two elements to consider regarding the size of porch you have in mind. Firstly, how much space do you actually have to build the porch? There is no point in choosing a vast, ornate porch if you lack the ground space to build it. If the design is too large it could end up looking more like an extension than a decorative addition to your home. Secondly, what purpose will the porch be put to? If the intention is to add more living space, the porch should be large enough to achieve this. Perhaps it will be used as a storage area for shoes and coats so extra space will be needed for this. If its purpose is purely decorative, a particularly large porch could look odd and actually detract from the look of the house.

5. Cost

Once size, design and form have been decided, cost can be established. If your timber frame porch plans include glass, brick or stone elements, the cost of these materials will need to be included. If you are planning to hire professionals to build your timber porch, include labour costs. Timber frame kits make oak porch installation far easier and cheaper for homeowners with basic construction skills. They are designed with ease of installation in mind and reduce the need for professional help. Even if other materials are to be used it is possible to erect the basic structure yourself and save on labour costs.

Benefits of oak framed porches

1. Looks

One of the main reasons people choose oak as a construction material is the visual impact of an oak frame. At once classic and stylish, there is no denying the ‘wow’ factor of oak. With the correct design, an oak framed porch can significantly improve the look of any home.

2. Value

Although oak is a premium product with a corresponding price, an oak framed porch can add value to your home far in excess of its cost. The increased ‘kerb appeal’ can be a deciding factor in the perceived value of your home for resale.

3. Longevity

Oak is extremely weather resistant and its natural water resistance makes it ideal for outdoor use. It does not require chemical preservatives and can last for hundreds of years. As a result it requires little or no maintenance and should never need to be replaced, barring accidental damage.

4. Insulation

Oak has natural insulating properties to keep your porch snug and reduce heating costs. The chances of heat loss from the home are notably less from an enclosed oak framed porch than one using steel or brick.

5. Ease of construction

As noted above, oak frame kits are designed to be easy to construct. This shortens the time taken in building, reduces the work involved and saves money spent on employing professionals.

Hardwoods Group are specialists in the design and manufacture of oak framed porches. If you have a plan for a unique porch design, our bespoke design and manufacture service can make it a reality. We will then deliver your frames ready to build with the minimum of effort and fuss. Contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to help.