Oak Frame Garden Room Ideas

Whether you are planning to build a garden room or enhance an existing structure, we present our top oak frame garden room ideas for inspiration. With record numbers of people now working from home, extra workspace at home has become an unforeseen priority.

In addition to this, the lockdowns of 2020 gave us all a renewed appreciation for a home environment with enough space and creature comforts for all. Even as restrictions are lifted, we are choosing to spend more time at home than ever before. Timber frame garden room extensions or free standing, self contained garden rooms are a perfect solution. Oak frame garden room kits allow efficient, simple self builds, providing a spacious, attractive solution with the minimum of fuss.

Go Eco Friendly

As a sustainable natural commodity with a high level of embedded carbon, oak is already one of the most ecologically sound building materials. By partnering it with reclaimed or other natural materials this can be taken a step further. Reclaimed brick, roof tiles, flooring slabs and glass can be incorporated into the design for minimal environmental impact.

Air and ground source heat pumps and LED lighting (particularly combined with solar panels) can significantly lower carbon emissions. Even rainwater can be recycled as a virtually inexhaustible water source, especially in Britain. By reducing the need for mains water and electricity and reusing older materials, building and running costs can be significantly lowered. Using reclaimed materials also guarantees a unique, bespoke structure unlike any other.

Interior Oak Fittings 

The visual impact of an oak frame is impossible to deny, so why limit it to the exterior look of the garden room? One of the major appeals of a garden room are the views it affords of the garden or grounds surrounding it. An exposed oak frame, perhaps partnered with exposed brickwork or other natural materials, frames them perfectly.

Even during the winter, the golden honeyed look of oak creates a subconscious effect of warmth and comfort. Decorative oak trusses and exposed beams further complement this, giving a dramatic flair to the interior and a sense of space and light. Oak mouldings and beading, particularly bespoke designs, add a unique finish that reflects the owner’s tastes and personality.

Open It Up 

As a garden room is designed to unite the indoors and outdoors, making it a completely enclosed structure makes little sense. Adding sliding or bifold doors allows a large section of wall to open onto the grounds outside. While this has little application in the winter, during the summer it allows the sunlight, smells and sounds of the garden into the room.

This has a relaxing effect, even if the garden room is being used as an office or other workspace. Feeling relaxed and comfortable in the workplace is proven to boost productivity and have a positive effect on mental health. If the garden room is mainly used for entertaining, this allows guests to mingle in and out for the best of both worlds. By allowing direct access to the garden, the potential uses and value of the garden room are doubled.

Attached Or Self Contained?

A garden room can be either an attached extension to an existing home or a separate, standalone building in its own right. An attached garden room will extend the existing footprint of the home, providing extra space for family activities or storage.

Adding a garden room can allow existing rooms to become work areas or provide additional workspace without disrupting the existing flow of the family home. Conversely, a self contained detached garden room frees the user from noise and interruptions around the home for total concentration and maximum productivity.

For those working in the main home, this can also provide a peaceful haven at the end of the work day to unwind in isolation. Detached garden rooms offer a perfect space for yoga, meditation and relaxation with their combination of peace and natural views.

Contemporary Or Period Design

For an attached garden room, it makes sense to follow the style of the existing structure to avoid a clash of styles. As most garden room kits are designed to match modern oak frame buildings, it may be worth considering a bespoke design to complement an older home.

Garden rooms are not only intended to serve a practical purpose, their design should also enhance the appearance of the existing home. Free standing garden rooms, particularly those some distance away from the main structure, can follow any design you wish.

Some owners prefer an aged, rustic look that blends in with the vegetation of the surrounding grounds. If there is, for example, a gazebo or outbuilding in an older style, the garden room can complement these for a sense of continuity. This gives the garden area its own sense of identity and purpose, separate from the home itself.


The style and amount of glazing incorporated into the garden room will largely be dictated by purpose. A basic, practical office space may not need large banks of glazing which could needlessly drive up the cost of a mainly utilitarian room.

However, natural light and views both have a positive impact on the mental health of workers so should not be totally neglected. Also, if you are planning to work from a garden office, it makes little sense to miss out on the surrounding views afforded by this. A home studio or room for entertaining will benefit from wide, open views and an abundance of natural light.

This can also save on heating and lighting costs, particularly during the winter. Stained glass panels can also be incorporated for a touch of visual flair and soothing light changes over the course of the day.


At Hardwoods Group, we have a wide range of oak framed garden buildings to suit all needs. If you have something different in mind or are planning a unique project to enhance your home, contact us. We offer a bespoke frame design and manufacture service and will work with you to make it a reality. Whatever your requirements, we can help.





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