Oak Beams

Hardwoods Group offer green, fresh sawn, seasoned, air dried and kiln dried oak beams that can be planed all round and sawn to length if required.

Traditionally, oak was left to develop a natural, matured, silver grey, weathered colour. This may be a desired effect. If not, any section visible can be sand blasted or dry iced, after installation or surface coated.

We also offer round columns, curved beams and pyramid top for extra detail if needed. This is processed through a large 4 sided planer, enabling square, regular finish.

For a perfect ready to go finish, Hardwoods Group planing is amongst the most efficient on the market today.

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Green Oak Beams / Fresh Sawn Oak

Green oak also known as fresh sawn, because it is freshly sawn from the tree. We source this from four different European countries where the climate conditions are excellent for enhancing the strength for constructional beams.

Green oak beams are usually used where some movement and shrinkage are permitted, the timber will dry slowly in service as it adjusts naturally to the ambient moisture levels. The movement and shrinkage are normal and not anything to worry about but should always been taken into consideration when making your purchase. If you’re not sure, then please talk to us.

Our fresh sawn oak is cut from the log to your required size, eliminating any cost of section and length wastage. This will minimise the handling costs and will give the greatest chance of all the pieces being perfectly straight.

Certain types of applications are more suited to certain grades than others.

Cut to any size or length up to 14 metres and plane up to 11 meters long in our workshop, in sections up to 400 x 300 mm.

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Air Dried Oak Beams/ Seasoned Oak

Air dried oak or sometimes referred to as seasoned oak, are already partly dried.

Air dried oak beams have similar uses to green oak as in framing and restoration, with the advantage they can be fitted in more sensitive situations where movement and shrinkage must be kept to a minimum. The oak beams are dried in predominantly square sections for 2-5+ years and can be resawn to different sizes if necessary.

These beams will often contain natural defects such as knots, sap, drying splits, fissures and colour variations, which just add to the beauty and can make them quite a feature piece. They can be particularly appropriate if an aged or weathered look is desired.

Generally available in 14 different section sizes, so we usually source this to your specific size to minimise length and section waste. Our experienced team are adapt at resourcing to fulfil any size from the available section sizes.

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Certification and Grading

We understand that you will need building regulations such as the Local Authority Building Control (LABC), British Standards (BS) and others to be approved when using oak beams as part of your build.

Hardwoods Group has a Timber Research and Development (TRADA) qualified grader who can inspect and issue CE declaration of performance certification with your purchase. The grades that can be applied to oak are D40, D30 and Fail.

Hardwoods Group hold certification for both Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody.

For more information about oak grading, please click here.