Planed All Round

Our planed all round (PAR) oak is machined in our workshop to ensure that you will receive high quality oak that is smooth. Our specialists machining ensures that all faces are square planed smooth and ready for immediate use on your project.

Whichever grade you have chosen for your project, our team will take the time and care to make sure your oak is consistent throughout.

Simply tell us the length, width and thickness required for the job, and let Hardwoods Group machine the timber ready to your finished sizes.

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Get The Look You Require

Our experienced team will grade and pick the oak ready for machining to get the look you require.

We can also supply the convenience of squared edged boards in set widths, with clear, straight grained cuttings making it perfect to work with.

As well as our planed all round service we also offer a sawn to size service.


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Countryside Oak

"Very good service and quality manufacturing.

5 Stars."

Barry Lindsell