Our OAK Process

Step 1 - The Inspiration

Every great artefact starts it life as an inspiration, a germ.!

Our Oak frames are no different and their journey starts when the Acorn germinates and produces that spark of life. From the planting of the seedling, through the nurturing, growth and selection of the Oak tree, its harvesting, cutting, planing and manufacture, Hardwoods group work with selected experts in their field to produce the exacting specification of building we produce today.

Step 2 - The Design process

After the inspiration has surfaced, the Hardwoods Group design team will work with the inspired to produce an online concept model and produce 3 dimensional imagery of the proposed Oak frame.

Using market leading software packages, they turn these ideas and images into working drawings and ensure that the customer is entirely satisfied with the result. The manafacture process is then ‘walked through’ to ensure seamless production.

Step 3 - The Manafacture

This is where Hardwoods Group move up a gear and into the forefront of Hardwood Manufacturing with their 6 axis computer controlled CNC machine. Capable of working with beams in excess of 9m long, this is a fascinating process to watch and produces joints and structures to within tolerances of millimetres and ensures that our Oak frames are produced efficiently and with minimum effort. Watch our solid Oak office sign in production.

Step 4 - The Quality

After the manufacturing process, the team at Hardwoods Group works tirelessly to ensure that the Oak frame is delivered in top condition and ready for its speedy onsite installation.

Beams are sanded by hand and the frame is then test assembled in house to ensure that the production is absolutely perfect and every joint fits snugly. The components of the frame are then numbered for ease of onsite reference and packaged carefully to ensure premium delivery condition.

Step 5

The success of our Oak Framed building is the speed and accuracy of their onsite installation. As all joints come numbered and perfectly preformed with clear installation plans, the associated cost of the erection process is absolutely minimised.

Traditionally secured with hardwood pegs, even large frames can be installed within days with fewer personnel than normally required.