Our Top Ten Oak Projects – Competition Winners

At Hardwoods Group we are always excited to see the projects our customers have completed with the oak they have purchased from us. Over the last 2 months we ran our first competition, offering a prize of £500 credit for our favourite oak project built by one of our customers. In this week’s blog we showcase the work of our top ten entrants. We have also included one honourable mention that just missed out but impressed us so much we had to give its creator credit. So, here are the September 2019 competition winners – our top ten entries.

Be Inspired With Our Top Ten Oak Projects

1. Oak Wine Chiller – Davies Construction

Our winner from Mark Davies of Davies Construction and an innovative and attractive use of the materials. This brick, glass and oak wine cooler is a fantastic feature piece that is sure to catch the attention of the viewer. A design that demonstrates how less can be more, the clean, solid beams give an elegant simplicity, combining form and function. A solid structural feature adapted to form a focal point to the room and our clear favourite. Well done, Mark, excellent work.

2. Oak Corner Frame – AJS Joinery

Impressive in style and execution, this entry from Phil Mill at AJS Joinery showcases the strength and looks of oak timber. The long, unbroken lines of the whole beams gives a modern, clean look to the structure as the natural tones complement the surrounding stonework. An effective way to maximise lighting within the building whilst guaranteeing structural strength and sympathetic to the overall design of the structure. A worthy runner up.

3. Steel and Oak Table – Welded & Wood

A fantastic combination of natural and man made materials submitted by Dominic Daly from Welded & Wood. A two man team who specialise in “art, not furniture”, combining industrial steel with European oak to make unique bespoke items. The stark polished steel perfectly complements the natural warmth of the oak for a piece that is more than the sum of its parts.

4. Oak Staircase – Woodworkery

An accomplished piece of work from Charlie Duggan at Woodworkery, combining elements of Medieval and Georgian staircase design to great effect. The flow of grain from one panel to another adds subtle detail and complexity to an otherwise apparently simple design. A classic style of construction skilfully executed in modern surroundings.

5. Oak River Table – Ian Lodge

An inventive and eye-catching use of Waney Edge oak from Ian Lodge. The pale outer edges and bark give the impression of a sandy river bank and the prominent grain adds to the impression of flow and movement. Combined with the transparent blue resin of the river itself, this clever and amusing design rewards repeated inspection. Impressive work.

6. Oak Beam Ceiling – Build

This entry from Rich Slater from Buildzone UK perfectly demonstrates how a new piece can complement existing features. The oak beams combine with the impressive existing fireplace surround to give a room anyone would be proud to have in their home. Proof that classic design is often the best.

7. Oak Newel Post – Inside Out Furniture

Submitted by Daniel Wyatt of Inside Out Furniture, this newel post really emphasises the natural grain of the timber. A great example of playing to the strengths of the material to create a striking feature from an otherwise functional piece. The minimal decoration allows the timber to speak for itself, showing the physical beauty of oak timber off to maximum effect.

8. Oak Staircase – Spot On Joinery

One of several entries from Mark Edwards from Spot On Joinery, an especially keen and skilled entrant. The craftsmanship on the underside of the staircase really makes it stand out, turning it from a functional structure into an attractive feature piece.

9. Oak Garden Gate – MCH Landscaping

An unusual but attractive entry from Matthew Honeyborne from MCH Landscaping. This ledged and braced gate initially follows the traditional design but omits the upper brace. Instead, the lock forms the focal feature to the upper panel. The off-centre brace and curved top add interest to the overall design. The curved upper surface, whilst breaking the continuity of the wall, gives a more organic, pleasing flow to the line.

10. Oak Staircase With Glass – MBA Joinery

Created and built by Martin Atkins from MBA Joinery, this shows the results that can be achieved from the juxtaposition of traditional materials and modern design. This is an increasingly popular style of design, giving a strong profile to the staircase, but losing none of the natural light. A very professional result that complements the surrounding household fixtures. Simple but very effective.

Mark Davies couldn’t believe he had won “I’ve never won anything before, I was very proud of this job”. MWB Residence from Ormskirk were delighted to hear the news as Mark Davies was working with them on the house where the wine chiller was for.

Kalvin Devenish – Right (Hardwoods Group) awarding Mark Davies – Left (Davies Construction) with £500 Credit.

Honourable Mention – Spot On Joinery

Last but not least, another entry from Mark Edwards at Spot On Joinery. In the words of our Director, Kalvin “Nice joint, really good quality workmanship”. Along with your place in our top ten, reason to be proud.

Hopefully, the examples presented here have provided inspiration for your own projects and demonstrated the versatility of European oak. If you feel inspired to take on a project of your own, feel free to contact us here at Hardwoods Group. As wholesale suppliers of European oak of all grades, we can supply all the materials to make your vision a reality. Who knows? You may even head our next top ten.