4 Bay Garage

Our 4 bay garage is a wonderful addition to larger properties and ideal for car collectors, guesthouses and larger families.

Our oak framed garages are designed to give a good balance between looks and value, with the main frame in oak but hidden stud work supplied in softwood.

All of our manufacturing is completed in house meaning we can offer a bespoke service from design to delivery.

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General Specifications

  • Timber Type - Green Oak Frame, Softwood Studwork and Rafters
  • Cladding - Oak Featheredge
  • Roof Style - Saddle, Catslide or Saddle with Loft
  • Moisture Content - 40 to 50%
  • Structural Grades - D30 Oak, C24 Softwood

Available Sizes

  • 11.2m x 5.3m
  • 12m x 5.3m
  • 12m x 6.0m

Standard size garage, ideal for small to medium size cars.

Extended width garage, for estate/larger cars or extra storage space.

The largest of our standard kits, larger kits are available bespoke.