Air Dried Oak Beams Constructional Grade

Air Dried oak beams constructional grade or sometimes referred to as seasoned oak, are already partly dried. Air dried oak beams have similar uses to green oak as in framing and restoration, with the advantage they can be fitted in more sensitive situations where movement and shrinkage must be kept to a minimum. The oak beams are dried in predominantly square sections for 2-5+ years and can be resawn to different sizes if necessary. Generally available in 14 different section sizes, so we usually source this to your specific size to minimise length and section waste. Our experienced team are adapt at resourcing to fulfil any size from the available section sizes.

We also offer a sawn to size and planed all round service.

General Specifications

  • Timber Grade - QP1
  • Moisture - 25 to 50%
  • Wastage - Dependent on requirement

Available Sizes

  • Length
  • Sections

Up to 13 meters

Up to 500 mm to 500 mm