Fresh Sawn Oak Beams Constructional Grade

Constructional Grade Oak Beams, fresh sawn and cut straight from the log and used where some movement and shrinkage are permitted. The timber will dry slowly in service as it adjusts naturally to the ambient moisture levels. The movement and shrinkage are normal and not anything to worry about but should always been taken into consideration when making your purchase. If you’re not sure, then please talk to us. Constructional grade oak beams are cost-effective alternative to prime with very few features or imperfections. Our fresh sawn oak is cut from the log to your required size, eliminating any cost of section and length wastage. This will minimise the handling costs and will give the greatest chance of all the pieces being perfectly straight.

We also offer a sawn to size and planed all round service.

General Specifications

  • Timber Grade - QP1
  • Moisture - 50 to 100%
  • Wastage - Dependent on requirement

Available Sizes

  • Length
  • Sections

Up to 13 meters

Up to 500 mm x 500 mm