Oak Garages and Carports

Precision Perfect Oak Frames

Oak Framed Garages and Carports designed to impress, built to last for generations.

Choose from traditional open-air Carports or enclosed Garages to house your cars, tools, and more.

Add a second storey to build out an additional living space!

All projects include use of our In-House Design Team Consultations!

One size doesn’t fit all. Your Garage or Carport should be completely unique to you and your property.

That’s why we specialise in Bespoke Designs!

Submit your drawings and measurements or speak to our design team to kickstart your project!

Then we work with you by providing 3D CAD drawings and ensure precision before going to production.

Any questions? Call: 01244 377811

Products details

  • Bespoke Sizes
  • Available in QP1 Green Oak or Air Dried Beams
  • Oak or softwood Rafters available
  • Oak Cladding options: Tongue & Groove, Featheredge, Shiplap
  • Straight or Curved Braces

Choose from 1-10 Bays to build your entirely unique Oak Garage.

  1. Submit your bespoke requirements and get your free quote
  2. Work with our In-House Design Team while they produce a 3D CAD drawing to check all the boxes of your specifications
  3. When approved, the frame design heads to production to meet our state-of-the-art 5-axis and 6-axis CNC Machines
  4. After manufacture the frame is checked for Precision Perfection by our craftsmen
  5. Delivered straight to your site, in our popular Kit Form designed for easy installation

Do I need planning permission for my Oak Garage?

If you plan on building a garage or carport that is detached from the main building on your property it is considered an outbuilding. Outbuilding planning permission is generally not required. If the garage is attached to the existing property, it is classed as an extension and is subject to a different set of rules. Read a full list of details here.

Are Oak Garages more expensive?

The price of Oak Framed Garages can vary depending on how much of the project is done in Oak. However, it can be more expensive than traditional materials such as brick but will ultimately last a lot longer. Oak is a premium building material which will last for generations to come.

Features And Benefits

Maximise Space
Maximise Space

Using Oak Trusses between Garage bays rather than softwood trusses provides an opportunity for more loft or storage space for your family.

Lead Time
Lead Time

We can have your Oak Framed Garage or Carport manufactured and delivered in 6 weeks.

The fastest most accurate Frames in the UK! 

Kit Form
Kit Form

It’s the “Build-by-Numbers” of the industry. Our Frames are delivered in an easy to assemble kit with a guide on how to perfectly install your frame.

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