Solid Oak Decking Boards

Bespoke Oak Decking

As a specialist in hardwood products, Hardwood Group offer both grooved and smooth decking boards for use in all types of oak decking projects.

The natural strength and durability of European Oak make it ideal for external uses such as wooden decking.

The surface grooves of our garden decking help to channel water away from the surface. Over time, the planks will turn silver-grey or, if oiled, keep their oak colour for a long time.

We create each timber decking board in a way that ensures they are of the highest quality. Our anti-slip and fully air-dried hardwood decking boards come with an equalisation groove on the base side to avoid cupping.

We create unique garden projects using oak products, tailored to your preferences and emphasising oak’s natural beauty. Creating high-quality decking oak is our speciality, send us your exact specifications for your oak decking today!

All projects are completely bespoke. Send us your exact specifications for your Oak Decking today!

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Products details

  • Timber types include fully air-dried oak and kiln-dried
  • The standard face size is 143mm
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Width: 95-145mm
  • Grooved or smooth profile
  • Bespoke sizes are always available
  • We can provide a bevelled edge non-slip finish

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Submit your precise specifications to obtain a complimentary quote promptly. We leverage the expertise of our dedicated team and inquire about your project without delay. Our skilled team checks the quality of our decking to make sure it is precise and perfect every time. Your order is prepared for swift delivery or convenient collection.

Features And Benefits

Designed for UK Weather
Designed for UK Weather

Oak is naturally water resistant. Paired with grooves along the boards to encourage water flow, your decking is designed to withstand against UK weather for generations.

Lead Time
Lead Time

We can have your Oak Decking machined and ready in just 1 week!

The fastest Bespoke Decking in the UK.

Oak Aesthetic
Oak Aesthetic

Oak ages like a fine wine. As your Decking soaks up the sun, the warm Oak colour fades into a rustic and beautiful silver only exemplifying its aesthetics.