Queen Post Truss

Queen post trusses are an ideal choice for your attic, as the gap in the middle forms a corridor, allowing access along the length of the attic. The open design also allows more light to enter the roof space, giving a brighter look to the room.

Manufactured to industry leading tolerances, our D30 oak queen post truss mixes a traditional design with the added benefit of modern manufacturing.

All of our oak trusses are manufactured in our workshop, and as such can be tailored towards your exact need. You can choose to pick one of our standard designs below or we also offer bespoke trusses.

General Specifications

  • Timber Type - Green Oak or Air Dried
  • Assembly Type - Supplied in Kit Form or Assembled
  • Grading - D30/D40 Oak
  • Span - Up to 11m
  • Pitch - Up to 45 Degress

Available Sizes

  • 2.5 m

2.5 meter span , 140 mm sq up to 7.5 m span to cover larger buildings.

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