Raised Tie Oak Truss

Precision Perfect Oak Trusses

Raised tie trusses have a smaller tie beam, or collar, situated further up the rafters. This usually has a smaller king central post and braces above the collar for increased strength.

Used to create a vaulted ceiling effect these trusses increase head space thanks to the choked tie beam. This type of trus is perfect for longer spans thanks to its strength and durability.

Benefits of using raised tie trusses

Raised tie oak trusses offer a variety of benefits thanks to their strength and durability. The nature of the middle raised tie beam allows for more headroom in the below rooms and creates an airier atmosphere.

The aesthetics of a raised tie truss mean that there’s an added elegance in a structure with the nature of oak meaning an unfinished raised tie truss is still a striking piece.

We specialise in manufacturing bespoke oak trusses with spans up to 11 meters. Bespoke section sizes are also available with standard sizes including 140×140 up to 240×240.

Products details

  • Timber Type – Green Oak or Air Dried
  • Assembly Type – Supplied in Kit Form
  • Grading – D24/D30/D40 Oak
  • Span – Up to 11 meters
  • Pitch – Bespoke – 25-45 Common

  1. Submit your bespoke requirements and get your free quote
  2. Work with our In-House Design Team while they produce a 3D CAD drawing to check all the boxes of your specifications
  3. When approved, the Truss design heads to production to meet our state-of-the-art 5-axis and 6-axis CNC Machines
  4. After manufacture the frame is checked for Precision Perfection by our craftsmen
  5. Delivered straight to your site, in our popular Kit Form designed for easy installation

Features And Benefits

Precision Perfect
Precision Perfect

Thanks to our 5-axis HOMAG CNC and 6-axis CNC, we manufacture the UK’s most accurate timber Trusses. With an accuracy of .5mm, your Oak Truss is precision perfect every time.

Lead Times
Lead Times

Our Oak Trusses can be manufactured and delivered in as little as 3-6 weeks.

Outpacing Industry Standards

Kit Form
Kit Form

It’s the “Build-by-Numbers” of the construction industry. Our Trusses are delivered in an easy to assemble kit with a guide on how to perfectly install your frame.

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