Shadow Gap Oak Cladding

Bespoke Oak Cladding

Shadow Gap Cladding is used most commonly for exterior application of contemporary-styled homes.

Although interior use is absolutely possible.

Choose the desired gap width you’d like between the boards to achieve the perfect shadow-illusion.

Either vertically or horizontally, Shadow Gap Cladding is easy to install and easier to take care of. Oak is weather-resistant and doesn’t require treatment unless a specific colour or effect is in mind.

Products details

  • Thickness: 18-22mm
  • Width: 100-200mm
  • Air Dried or Kiln Dried
  • Grading: Prime, Joinery, Character

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Features And Benefits

Designed for UK Weather
Designed for UK Weather

Oak is naturally water resistant – perfect for exterior cladding projects! That means your cladding is designed to withstand the notorious UK weather.

Lead Time
Lead Time

We can have your Shadow Gap Cladding machined and ready in just 1 week!

The fastest Bespoke Cladding in the UK.

Strength in Oak
Strength in Oak

Oak is a premium building material and has been used for centuries. It will never need to be replaced or treated as it’s known for its withstanding strength.

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