Oak Porch Ideas

Sometimes, the best Oak Porch Ideas are the simplest designs. But ultimately it all depends on what’s right for the size of your home, the porches function, and your project goal.


If you are planning to commission a bespoke Oak Framed Porch, then factoring in some of these ideas will guarantee a truly unique result.


Check out our range of standard oak porch designs here!


1. Open, Half Open or Enclosed Oak Porches


A fully open Oak Framed Porch is a fantastic main feature, especially if the beams are exposed. While it will offer less protection from the elements, it is the ideal solution for decorative purposes. Additionally, a fully open porch is much more cost-friendly as minimal materials are required.


For increased shielding, half open porches allow for additional material such as masonry, cladding, and roofing. All of which add for a detailed appearance of the porch.


Fully enclosed porches offer the most protection and effectively add a distinct utility room to the home for storage of coats, boots and umbrellas.


Fully Open Porch

2. Truss Design

Where space might be limited for an extensive porch, adding a Decorative Truss can absolutely change its whole aesthetic.


View this guide explaining Truss Designs and which style would be best for your project.


3. Green or Seasoned Oak

For a new build with an exposed frame, Green Oak is the natural choice. As it dries, it does what Oak does best. The colour will fade into a beautiful silver depending on how much UV exposure it has, and cracks distinct to Oak wood will appear.


In the end, you have an entirely unique wooden porch due to Oak’s incredible characteristics.


For renovation projects or porches added to older Oak Framed buildings, seasoned oak is more suitable. As the oak in the frame has already dried and seasoned, the porch will complement the existing woodwork.


4. Outer Wall Surface

The walls of an enclosed or half open porch offer further opportunities for design. If the house incorporates masonry or rendering into its walls, match this in the walls of the porch.


Similarly, Oak Cladding can be utilised for efficient and beautiful elements to add to the porch. This option is highly recommended when dealing with houses that are already cladded in timber.


Rather than solid walls, glazed panels can be added as a cosmetic choice or to illuminate the interior with natural light. It’s important to factor in your porches function here.


5. Roof Pitch

This is easily overlooked, but the pitch of the porch roof should match that of the house. If not, then the porch will look incongruous compared to the house.


Even with simple canopies this can look odd and it is worth drawing up an image of the end result before building.


6. Roof materials

Again, these should be sympathetic to the overall design of the house. Match the porch roof to existing thatchslate roof tiles or roof cladding. For an enclosed porch, consider incorporating glazing into the roof for extra interior illumination.


Canopy roofs should have guttering to avoid sheets of rainwater flowing off the front and soaking those entering.


7. Mouldings and Carvings

The finishing touch to your Oak Porch.


Family names can be incorporated into trusses, floral or rustic designs can be carved into supports or scrollwork added to tops or bases of braces. Not all companies will be able to add this level of detail, but it can be discussed during design consultations.


8. Lighting

The interior of a solid enclosed porch will be always dark and appropriate lighting at the flick of a switch is vital. For open or half open porches, consider adding motion sensitive lighting to activate when needed.


In addition, floor level and overhead lighting can be combined depending on the porch design.


Oak Porches from Hardwoods Group

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