Top 10 Oak Garden Room Ideas

The best garden room ideas are often searched for, but seldom limited. It’s your own private home away from home without any rules for modern or traditional guidelines. You have full creative freedom but that creativity demands inspiration.

Whether you dream of a tranquil oak-framed garden office, a cozy family room, a private cinema under the stars, or a sizzling outdoor kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Garden Office

Around 38% of the UK’s population work from home to some capacity as of 2023.

Because of this, it makes sense as to why garden offices are now the highest trending garden room ideas. Sure working from home is amazing: your pets are there, there’s no commute, and you feel more comfortable. But it can often be distracting if other WFH family members are around or if the kids are on half-term. Not to mention Rusty the Retriever just won’t stop barking at those squirrels in the trees.

Go join the squirrels and escape the distraction without even leaving the property. You can fit it out to have multiple working spaces: a desk, a couch, a bed, we don’t judge!

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Sit tight BBQ heroes, this one’s not for you yet.

An Oak-Framed Outdoor Kitchen is exactly what you’d think it’d be. Another fully usable kitchen but in a separate building. Why? Kitchens in the UK aren’t known for being particularly large, and they’re often closed off in their own rooms.

Open planned and modern kitchens are becoming more popular and designing an outdoor kitchen lets you choose just how spacious and extravagant you want the area to be.

Built to impress, these garden additions are perfect for new cookware that doesn’t fit right in your current kitchen set-up. So go on then, build an outdoor kitchen just to accommodate that restaurant-grade flat top.

3. Family Room

It’s finally summer. The kids are off school, you’re enjoying a staycation to get that quality time with them. Rusty the Retriever is ready to hit the park. But the rain is coming down in sheets and the whole family is disappointedly eating Walkers crisps on the sofa and watching the television.

Not to worry, because you built an outdoor family room because you read our garden room idea guide before this all-too-common British predicament. You’re welcome.

Fill your Oak-Framed Family Room with a billiards table and a board game corner. Have an activities station ready to go, and let the good times roll.

The best bit? Have the room built fully enclosed so you can enjoy it in the cooler months as well.

4. Sunny Lounge

Traditionally, conservatories are structures that are connected to a house built up with windows for the majority of both walls and ceilings. These are popular as well as they don’t require planning permission and are fairly inexpensive to build.

A garden room doesn’t differ too much from conservatories, the key reason being they’re completely detached from a house. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design your garden room to embrace the sunlight. Installing windows like the ones you’d see in conservatories with weatherproofing capping systems is the perfect way to ensure your Oak Framed Sunny Lounge stays fit in any weather for generations to come.

5. BBQ & Outdoor Dining Area

Alright BBQ heroes, it’s your time to shine now.

A garden room idea doesn’t have to be a fully-fledged room complete with glazing systems and insulation. One of our favourite projects to date has been this open-air Oak Framed Outdoor Kitchen Area.

Measure up the grill and the seating arrangements and send over your plans for your perfect grilling space.

6. Outdoor Pub

Have you seen the price of a pint these days? Bring the vibes to your garden and enjoy a few drinks in your brand new Outdoor Pub.

With an option to enclose and winterise the structure, you can enjoy this space year-round. Get ready to cheers on New Years Eve in your own private Pub Garden Room!

7. She Shed Vs. Man Cave

It’s a battle of the partners. Who gets to house their highly-anticipated she shed or man cave?

We can’t decide that for you, but what we can do is recommend that you make it Oak Framed. These styles of rooms are more commonly designed to have a cosy cabin aesthetic. Oak is a durable building material, one that’s been used for centuries due to it’s strength and long-lasting properties. Additionally, oak wood is renowned its beautiful warm colour and ageing characteristics.

8. Outdoor Cinema

Grab the projector, an old white sheet you forgot you had, populate the couch and have the snacks and hot cocoa ready!

As well as it would sit as it’s own space, this could also be an addition to the previously mentioned family room. This garden room idea is a perfect solution for those with smaller, cramped living rooms and want to host frequent movie nights.

9. Outdoor Library or Reading Nook

Still fitting in with the cosy cabin aesthetic, imagine walking barefoot to your personal outdoor library! Leave all tech at the door and curl up on a chair with your favourite book.

10. Art/Music Studio

Along with insulating your garden room, you can absolutely sound-proof your latest Art/Music Studio for the perfect environment for both users and neighbours!

Get your inspired head-space going on and create art that makes you happy while surrounded by the comfort of your back garden. For the musicians in the family, feel free to play Free Bird as loud and long as you want. Just no Stairway, sorry.

Bespoke Solutions for any Garden Room Ideas

The team at Hardwoods Group are excited to make your completely bespoke, unique, incredible garden room idea. As Oak Frame Specialists, we have an In-House Design Team always available for a chat. Whether it’s brainstorming, looking at past designs for reference, or working with your builder, we’re happy to help.