Oak Cladding

European oak has a warmth, vitality and natural durability. It is a premier cladding material with the potential to withstand the seasonal cycle with minimum maintenance.

Hardwoods Group supply a variety of cladding to choose from, so you can get the desired effect you are looking for, whether for internal or external use. If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask us.

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Aired Dried And Kiln Dried Oak Cladding

Aired dried or kiln dried cladding is offered in either unfinished or surface coated, our seasoned oak is sold to suit a variety of projects. Timber cladding excels against man made cladding due to its green credentials. There will be some ongoing maintenance to preserve the coating if surface coating is the preferred choice.

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Fresh Sawn Oak Cladding

Fresh sawn cladding is the ultimate when combining the splendour of oak with value. Fresh sawn cladding is cut straight from the log to the dimension required. The timber will shrink once fitted and this must be allowed for with enough coverage by overlapping the boards. Supplied fine sawn and unfinished, this fresh sawn cladding will not readily accept finishes until the surface has dried.

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Types Of Oak Cladding

We supply the following standard types:

• Tongue and groove
• Tongue and groove with V
• Shiplap
• Feather edge
• Waney edge

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