Oak Framed Buildings


Our oak framed buildings are designed and manufactured in our workshop and then delivered to you. Below are our oak framed building kits that we can make for you as standard, or we also offer bespoke oak framed buildings. Our oak structures are designed with care to ensure accuracy, reliability, speed and ease of onsite installation. Using the best quality timber to create a range of both contemporary and traditional oak framed buildings for you to choose from.


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Oak Frame Designs


Our range of timber framed garages and carports are made for strength and style. Using premium materials to create a long-lasting space for any purpose, from storing tools to keeping cars secure and protected. Our designs allow you to add details of your choice, such as roof style and storage options.

Oak Framed Garage

Oak framed garage constructed from fresh sawn oak. Supplied as a kit that can be assembled quickly.

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2 Bay Garage

Designed to be beautiful to the eye and provide an economical solution to storage needs. 2 standard options available to buy.

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3 Bay Garage

As with all the oak framed garage kits, our 3 bay garages don’t have to be for just your cars. Pre-assembled in our workshop for an easy installation.

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4 Bay Garage

4 bay garages are rapidly becoming more popular with larger properties in rural areas, the larger design can be used for many things.

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Gazebos and Garden Rooms

Our wooden gazebo and oak garden room designs are built with versatility in mind. Built to beat the worst our weather can throw at us with outstanding finishes. Perfect if your looking for some extra room to get closer to the outside, such as an oak framed garden office to work from or maybe an oak summer house to relax in. These oak framed outbuildings are the ideal solution for any outdoor cover.

Oak Framed Gazebo /Hot Tub Shelter

If you spend a lot of time in the garden, then this square oak gazebo could be the ideal addition to your patio.

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Oak Conservatory/Oak Garden Room

Simple wooden conservatory style garden room, attached to a house. Floor to ceiling glazing set in 150mm section Oak.

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A perfect addition to any house, our oak framed porches are designed to be protective and inviting. These natural wood finishes work with a range of brick, glass and stone builds. The timber frame porch kits are quick to install and make a beautiful statement to any entrance.

Oak Porch

Enhance the character of your house with our oak framed porch with toughened glazing system to give your property that added value as well as stunning looks.

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Our oak trusses bring character and functionality to any house or room, both of traditional and contemporary design. Whether you want an oak truss designed for structural purposes or just for elegance, we can cater for any size or style.

King Post Truss

A king post is a central vertical post used in architectural or bridge designs, working in tension to support a beam below from a truss apex above.

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Queen Post Truss

Queen Post truss is a basic triangular design with two symmetrical posts from the tie beam to the rafters of the truss apex.

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Raised Tie Truss / Collar Truss

Raised tie truss utilises a structural collar tie to provide tension strength. Sometimes called collar truss.

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Bespoke Services

Bespoke Oak-Framed Buildings

The advantage of our range of previously designed products is that they present an excellent value product. We understand that your requirements may be completely unique so please fill in our contact form, upload some sketches or plans or just give us a call to discuss the details of your order.

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Wholesale Timber Supply

We specialise in the supply of oak timber in a huge range of specifications, from structural oak beams to oak boards for furniture making. Fill in our contact form or give us a call to discuss the details of your order.

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